Launching: “One Morning in Charlotte”

June 3, 2024

Today, Carolina Forward is announcing the launch of our new issue spot: “One Morning in Charlotte.” The two-minute video gives voice to four perspectives – based on true stories – of women who’ve been forced to flee their home states of South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Texas to access abortion care.

Watch now:

“One Morning in Charlotte” will be broadcast on digital and streaming TV channels all over North Carolina.

ImageWith draconian abortion bans proliferating across the United States in the wake of the Dobbs decision, particularly in the South, North Carolina stands as one of the last havens for basic healthcare for millions of American women. But that could change. Republican leaders in the state legislature passed a deeply unpopular 12-week abortion ban last year, and Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, the Republican candidate for governor, has promised to sign a total ban if elected. North Carolina  would also be very likely to see additional restrictions on access to birth control and fertility treatments like IVF, as Republican officeholders have proposed and passed in several other states.

Voter support for access to abortion care remains broadly popular in North Carolina. A clear majority of voters support not only keeping abortion access generally legal, but specifically oppose the Republican 12-week ban passed in 2023:

Yet, as is frequently the case, partisan gerrymandering has blocked the voters' preferences from being reflected in legislation. The only solution is for voters to steadfastly defend the freedom of American women to make their own basic healthcare decisions in the voting booth.

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