Do you know what NC REALTORS is really up to in Raleigh?

You might be surprised.

The NC REALTORS are one of the biggest PACs in North Carolina's state legislature.

Last year, the NC REALTORS spent nearly half a million dollars on campaign contributions to politicians in North Carolina’s state legislature (and much more to local candidates across the state). NC REALTORS says it’s “non-partisan” – yet the large majority of those contributions go to Republicans.

That means NC REALTORS has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars – funded by REALTORS’ contributions – to radical-right politicians who are passing sweeping abortion bans, racist partisan gerrymanders, weakening North Carolina’s gun safety laws and defunding our schools.

Are these REALTOR values?

Are they yours?

NC REALTOR contributions to NC General Assembly members, 2021-2022 biennium (source: NCSBE)

Republican Senate Leader

Phil Berger

$5,600 from NC REALTORS

Republican House Speaker

Tim Moore

$5,600 from NC REALTORS

Republican House Majority Leader

John Bell

$11,200 (maximum) from NC REALTORS

Republican House Rules Committee Chair

Destin Hall

$11,200 (maximum) from NC REALTORS

Plus 55 more of their Republican colleagues.

These men gave us...

Abortion ban

Abortion bans

Defunded classrooms

Defunding public schools


More partisan gerrymandering


Weakening gun laws

Is this what REALTORS want?

We don’t think so, either.

The NC REALTORS are a member-based organization. That means your voice – and your support – really matters.

Tell the leaders of NC REALTORS to stop funding radical right-wing extremism in our legislature:

Andrea Bushnell, CEO:

Mark Zimmerman, SVP of External Affairs:

Mandy Lowe, VP of Member Engagement:

Remember what Grandma said: honey catches more flies than vinegar. We ask that you be respectful and polite – but also firm – in your outreach to NC REALTOR leaders.

And if NC REALTORS won’t pull their contributions to radical politicians, perhaps it’s time to pull your contributions to the NC REALTORS PAC.

Remember: it’s your money. And NC REALTORS is your organization, too. With your help, NC REALTORS can reflect the values and ethical core that the organization models for itself. But only if REALTORS speak up.

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