Focus: The North Carolina General Assembly

Understanding North Carolina's state legislature
The North Carolina General Assembly – our state legislature – is divided into two chambers. The State House of Representatives is made up of 120 representatives, and the State Senate has 50 senators.
Both chambers have a Republican supermajority. Republicans have controlled both chambers of the state legislature since 2011.

NC House

NC Senate

Election maps - UPDATED!

Updated: All state lawmakers are elected from district boundaries drawn by the majority party in the legislature. In October of 2023, Republican leaders of the state legislature re-drew the election maps. You can read our analysis here. The maps shown below are the ones that will be used in the 2024 general election. For the maps used for the 2022 election, follow these links: House / Senate.

Not sure which district you’re in? You can find out here.

NC House

Click the map above to see a larger version (PDF), or review the interactive version with precinct-level data here.

NC Senate

Click the map above to see a larger version (PDF), or review the interactive version with precinct-level data here.

Most legislative elections are not competitive.

Across all 120 State House and 50 State Senate elections in North Carolina, only 25 were decided by 10 points or fewer in the 2022 election: 17 races in the House, and 8 in the Senate. This means that 85% of all the seats in the state legislature were decided by more than 10 points, and thus not typically considered competitive.

This is partly due to “political geography” – the tendency of all voters to live in areas where people vote like they do. But it is also due to political gerrymandering engineered to deliver a Republican majority.

Those interested can refer to this full spreadsheet list of current members of the North Carolina House and Senate, including their districts’ approximate partisan lean. This reflects a composite of these districts’ partisan performance from 2016, 2018 and 2020 (note – not 2022) elections.

Link to full Google sheet

Corporate Campaign Donors in NC Legislative Races

Curious how much corporations and industry groups are spending on elections for our legislature? Check out this regularly updated Google Sheet. 

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