Voices From the Break Room

October 2, 2023

Today, Carolina Forward is launching Voices from the Break Room: Working Class Values in North Carolina.

The fourth major policy paper from Carolina Forward, “Voices from the Break Room” is the culmination of a months-long research project and the single largest opinion research survey of North Carolina’s working-class voters done to date. Our researchers were interested in a few basic questions:

  • What are North Carolina’s working-class voters like – demographically, regionally, and politically?
  • What is top-of-mind to these voters? What issues are they most focused on and care about?
  • How do working-class voters feel about our state’s political direction and leadership, and how can policymakers most effectively engage them?

North Carolina’s working-class electorate defies many common stereotypes. For example, it is solidly majority-female. Though it leans somewhat more conservative, it is very politically diverse. It is majority-suburban, and skews much older. This group of voters is heavily cross-pressured between many competing political directions, and it’s up to policymakers to speak to them clearly.

We hope readers will enjoy Voice from the Break Room: Working-class values in North Carolina.

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