Thank You, North Carolina.

December 27, 2021

This year, we launched Carolina Forward to communicate the progressive values and ideas that will build a more just, democratic and prosperous North Carolina. Our little team – 5 of us in all – weren’t sure how it would go. There were some who told us that without a big financial backer, paid staff and consultants, we couldn’t really do anything meaningful.

Well, turns out they were wrong.

Carolina Forward has had an absolutely massive year. Our email list has exploded. Our social platforms are thriving. We’ve successfully established the most rigorous regular opinion polling program in North Carolina politics. And it’s all because you made it possible.

Recently, we made a map of all of our donors from across the state by zip code. Can you find yourself?

Importantly, we have done this without any institutional donors. There is no billionaire standing behind Carolina Forward. Our organization is 100% grassroots-funded, supporter-driven and volunteer-run.

If you appreciate our work, please consider making a contribution today. This really could not happen without your support – financial, moral and otherwise.

Help build progress for North Carolina.
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