The 2024 Carolina Forward Slate

February 5, 2024
Today, Carolina Forward launches its official 2024 slate of endorsements for the North Carolina General Assembly.

Here in North Carolina, our state legislature is the single most powerful branch of government by far. It is also the one most vulnerable – infamously so – to partisan gerrymandering. Insulated from accountability to the voters, radical right-wing ideologues have defunded public schools, abolished taxes for their corporate benefactors, passed draconian abortion bans and much more. Today, the North Carolina legislature is deeply corrupt, run by hyperpartisan politicians who rely on a greasy system of pay-to-play client politics that they rarely even bother to disguise.

It is long past time for change in Raleigh.

The Carolina Forward Slate

“The Slate” is a bold group of leaders who are running to change Raleigh. We are endorsing eight candidates today, seven in the State House and one in the State Senate:

We may also endorse in a small number of other races, pending the resolution of primaries.

These candidates were chosen on the basis of two criteria.

  • The first was their positions on key issues, namely: support for independent redistricting reform; fighting public corruption; defending abortion rights and reproductive freedom; and returning sane and transparent good government to Raleigh.
  • The second was the competitiveness of their districts, and whether a victory or loss in one will change the actual balance of power in our legislature.

Breaking the Republican supermajority – and ending the chaotic damage it has inflicted – requires flipping just 1 seat in either chamber of the legislature. If the candidates of the Carolina Forward Slate win, that supermajority will be broken, and Republican leaders will be forced into compromise and something closer to moderation once again.

How the Slate works

The Carolina Forward Slate lives on ActBlue, where contributors can donate to “The Slate” as a single entity. Those contributions are automatically split up between all 8 candidates. This way, supporters can know that their contributions are going directly to the candidates and campaigns that need it most. As a bonus, contributors are also able to skip sharing their email addresses with recipient campaigns if they wish.

Support a brighter future for North Carolina. Support the Carolina Forward Slate.

Help build progress for North Carolina.
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